Domestic Violence and the Role of the Employer

The Conference Board of Canada, July 13, 2015
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Recent cases involving high profile public figures and professional athletes have brought increased awareness to the prevalence and impact of domestic violence. The Canadian Women's Foundation has reported that 3,300 women are forced out of their homes on any given night due to domestic violence, a startling fact that has wide implications for both individuals physical and mental health. And while we typically think of domestic violence as taking place in the home, it all too often spills into other areas of a victim’s life, be it school, in the community, or the workplace. There have been terrible tragedies involving victims who have been killed while at work stemming from a domestic violence issue. Two cases in particular have brought more awareness to the roles and responsibilities of employers when they become aware of an issue of domestic violence issue:

  • Lori Dupont in Ontario was killed by her intimate partner (who worked with her) while at work in a Windsor Hospital in 2005
  • Tony McNaughton who was killed in 2000 at a Starbucks in Vancouver when trying to intervene to protect a victim of domestic violence at work

Workplaces can play a pivotal role in supporting and in some cases, protecting victims of domestic violence. But when should the workplace step in? And what type of support should be ready to make available to employees when they need it the most?

Webinar Highlights

During this 60 minute webinar, Louise Chénier and Charles Boyer share results of a recent Conference Board survey of employers on their policies and practices to support victims of domestic violence. Specifically the webinar focuses on:

  • Prevalence of workplace domestic violence policies
  • Elements of a workplace domestic violence policy
  • Employer perspectives on domestic violence and the workplace

About Louise

Louise Chénier is the Manager of Workplace Health and Wellness Research with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. She is also the Network Manager for the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness - an exclusive network of organizational health management leaders from private and public sector organizations across Canada.

About Charles

Charles Boyer is a Research Associate with the Workplace Health and Wellness Research group within the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. He also helps Louise manage the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness.

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