Leadership: Aboriginal Perspectives and Challenges

The Conference Board of Canada, 4 pages, June 20, 2003
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This briefing offers the perspectives of 30 Aboriginal leaders on the leadership role, the qualities and challenges of leaders, barriers they face, and strategies and activities they should pursue.

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The opportunity to describe the ideal qualities of a strong Aboriginal leader and to suggest how to build Aboriginal leadership capacity brought 30 Aboriginal leaders to Calgary in mid-February 2003 to an Aboriginal Leadership Roundtable.

Discussed were the roles in their communities of Aboriginal leaders, the challenges these leaders face, the qualities of good leaders—and barriers, including those of accountability and those stemming from the Indian Act. Roundtable participants also suggested strategies and activities that could enable Aboriginal leaders and their communities to take advantage of emerging opportunities while developing their capacities.

For a closer look at the important details, this briefing is a must-read.

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