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Price growth holds steady

The consumer price index increased on a year-over-year basis in July, matching the increase in June. With wage growth accelerating and inflation well-anchored, the Bank of Canada is expected to remain on....

Canadian economics
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Outlook 2

Economic growth remained sluggish in the first quarter of 2019, with real GDP growing by a meagre 0.4 per cent at annual rates. A key area of weakness was new home construction, which...

Canadian economics
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Acting on the Cannabis Act

More than a year after receiving royal assent, the ripple effects of the Cannabis Act are still being felt. With the world watching, and without clear direction, Canadian businesses are leading the way forward by...

Future of Work
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Emerging cyber threats: ransomware, cryptojacking, and IoT attacks  

The growing number of internet-connected devices, and the emergence of new types of cyber-attacks, have fueled the growth of these attacks, affecting 1 in 5 Canadian businesses while costing at least $120 million dollars in 2018 in ransomware alone .

Innovation and technology
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