Aboriginal Digital Opportunities: Addressing Aboriginal Learning Needs Through the Use of Learning Technologies

The Conference Board of Canada, 52 pages, September 1, 2001
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It is critical that Aboriginal communities continue to explore ways of adopting and using learning technologies to avoid falling deeper into the “digital divide.”

Document Highlights

Aboriginal Digital Opportunities, explores how Web-based distance education, e-mail and self-directed learning software can promote the development of skills, create economic development opportunities, and enable Aboriginal peoples to participate in the knowledge economy.

This report:
  • examines the “whys” and “whats” of learning technologies;
  • looks at the specifics of learning technology implementation and application in Aboriginal communities and provides an in-depth view of the issues and challenges and the steps that are being taken to address them;
  • outlines options and concrete steps for investment, partnerships and other follow-up opportunities as identified by Aboriginal representatives; and
  • contains a learning technology planning tool which is derived from “good practice” experiences.

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