How Canada Performs 2007: A Report Card on Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 154 pages, June 13, 2007
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Visit the website: How Canada Performs: A Report Card on Canada 2008

Formerly the benchmarking component of Performance and Potential, this report is a comprehensive and detailed comparison of Canada's socio-economic performance with that of other leading industrialized countries.

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Canada is an uneven performer, according to the new report card that benchmarks Canada’s performance against that of leading OECD countries across six broad domains—Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills, Health and Society. With one “A,” three “B”s and two “D”s, our mediocre overall standing confirms the message the Conference Board has been reiterating for the last decade: Canada is not keeping up with the top performers in the new global economy.

Most startling and important to Canada’s competitiveness and sustainable prosperity is the “D” grade on Innovation, where Canada ranks fourth to last in the 17-country comparator group. Our only “A” grade is earned in Education and Skills where, despite our ability to deliver a high quality education to children and youth, a large percentage of adults with low level basic skills and literacy remain underserved. Additionally, we do not stimulate enough students to complete post-graduate degrees.

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