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Benefits Benchmarking 2019 Webinar: Focusing on Flexibility in an Evolving Landscape

The Conference Board of Canada, March 28, 2019 at 02:00 PM EDT
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As Canada’s population continues to age, sustained pressure on the nation’s healthcare system is expected. With biologic drugs taking up a larger market share of benefits costs, the increase in medical cannabis authorizations, and a push from advocates for universal pharmacare across Canada; the health benefits space continues to evolve and is becoming more difficult to navigate than ever before. Combined with the advent of new benefits technologies, such as online healthcare management, online psychotherapy, and others, it can be a challenging landscape for employers looking to keep abreast of best practices and ensure their plans remain competitive.

The fourth edition of the Conference Board’s Benefits Benchmarking Report provides essential information that has helped Canadian organizations direct and refine their benefits plans for the past decade. Based on a survey of hundreds of Canadian employers, this report offers the real-world data and experience you need to evaluate and improve your benefits plan to better fit the needs of both your employees and your organization.

Webinar Highlights

Join us to hear about best practices and trends in benefits offerings that will help Canadian organizations benchmark their offerings and ensure they remain current and competitive. In this 60-minute webinar, Monica Haberl will share the findings from the Benefits Benchmarking survey conducted in the spring of 2018 to discuss the following questions:

  • How have organizational benefits strategies evolved over time, and how are benefits administered?
  • What kinds of extended health coverage are organizations providing? What about life and disability insurance?
  • How can organizations address paramedical needs, as well as expensive medications such as biologics and medical cannabis?
  • What are the new technologies and trends in benefits coverage?
  • How can organizations work to contain costs while maintaining employee health?

About Monica

Photo of Monica HaberlMonica Haberl joined the Conference Board in 2015 as a Research Associate and Network Manager with the Organizational Performance division. She works with the Compensation Research Centre and the Council for Industrial Relations Executives. She has completed research in a variety of areas including total rewards, industrial relations, talent management, leadership and engagement.

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Register for this Webinar

Price: $399.00 (CAD)
Registration includes access to the live webinar, and access to the recording for your entire organization.