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Understanding Cyber and Physical Security Convergence

This webinar will present work recently undertaken by The Conference Board of Canada's National Security team, which addresses the challenge of merging physical and cyber security departments within a company, discusses the insights from a literature review, and provides some recommendations on the issue.

Live Webinar | June 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Insights from Hurricane Harvey

Join Colin Rizzo, Emergency Manager for the Houston Port of Authority, as he shares his first-hand experiences in dealing with the effects of a major hurricane.

Live Webinar | May 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Building Cyber Resilience: AI and the Immune System Approach

The cyber-threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented speed. Cyber-attacks are increasingly sophisticated, compounding the challenge presented by the introduction of IoT devices and expansion into the cloud. Tasked with defending networks without traditional borders, stretched human security teams simply cannot keep up. AI-powered technologies provide a needed departure from legacy approaches to cyber security and have led to self-learning, self-defending networks.

Recorded Webinar | April 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Emergency Management Insights from the 2017 City of Clarence-Rockland Floods

The City of Clarence-Rockland experienced unprecedented flooding in the Spring of 2017, operating under a declared state of emergency for two weeks while dealing with flooded homes, businesses, and streets.Join The Conference Board of Canada and Brian Wilson, Director of Protective Services and Fire Chief for the City of Clarence-Rockland, for a 60-minute webinar in which Brian will outline the scenario the City faced in 2017, and discuss some of the challenges and successes faced by this small municipality during the flood.

Recorded Webinar | April 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Managing Security, Privacy and Compliance for Cloud Workload Migration

Organizations are rapidly adopting virtualization and software-defined infrastructure both for transforming on-premise data centers to private clouds and though public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Yet security, privacy, and compliance remain top concerns when migrating workloads to the cloud.

Live Webinar | March 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Building Trust in Data Innovation

Data is the life blood of Canadian Innovation, but for the expanding volumes of data to be available for machine language learning new protocols to build trust are necessary. The Non-profit Information Accountability Foundation is at the cutting edge of assuring next generation data policy guidance is acceptable in Canada.

Recorded Webinar | March 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Building a Cyber Savvy Board

Cyber security continues to hit the headlines across the globe, affecting a range of organizations. The number of breaches reported and their significance keeps growing. From Equifax to Deloitte, no organization seems to be immune. It seems that the reality we need to face is that you either have been breached or you are waiting for a breach. C-suite executives seem to bear the brunt of the responsibility for major breaches, and in some cases, this costs them their jobs. However, there is an increasing amount of attention being placed on the role of the board. What should it be and how can you ensure that boards of directors are able to effectively carry out their responsibilities with regards to cyber security?

Recorded Webinar | February 2018 | Satyamoorthy Kabilan | The Conference Board of Canada

Not If but When: Preparing for Incidents with Cyber Breach Coaching

In today’s cyber-centered landscape, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a breach will occur. And with the social contract of trust and transparency between customers and organizations being vitally important, organizations must invest in ensuring they prevent, identify and recover from breaches when they occur.In this 60 minute session, Scott Pidduck, Canadian Cyber Portfolio Manager, guides you through the emerging Cyber Insurance market specifically focusing on the “Breach Coach”.

Recorded Webinar | January 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Communicating Cyber Security to the Board of Directors

It is easy to find examples of data breaches, ransomware, and online fraud across business sectors. From Target to Equifax to MacEwan University, cyber vulnerabilities have been exploited to significant financial and reputational loss. It is essential that boards of directors are informed and engaged on cyber security to protect their business interests, and yet effective communication between practitioners and boards has emerged as a key challenge to improving information risk management. What are the potential implications of poor communication between cyber security practitioners and the board of directors, and how might these challenges be overcome? This webinar follows an executive meeting of the Conference Board of Canada’s Cyber Security Centre discussed improving board engagement and performance in cyber security. During this discussion, the communication challenges between the IT sector and the executive sector was identified as one area needing improvement to build board capacity concerning cyber security.

Recorded Webinar | January 2018 | The Conference Board of Canada

Future Challenges for Emergency Management

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has stated that “The World is changing in ways that can have major effects on the emergency management community.” Our environment is evolving at a rapid pace and the emergencies that we are encountering are evolving just as quickly in terms of scope and complexity. If we are to be resilient to the evolving emergency management challenges of the future, we need to build an understanding of what might be changing, as well as the skills and resources we will need to effectively cope with these challenges.

Recorded Webinar | December 2017 | Satyamoorthy Kabilan | The Conference Board of Canada

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