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Roundtable on Shared Mobility

The aim of the Roundtable on Shared Mobility (RSM) is to provide learning, networking, and research opportunities for individuals active in shared mobility and related fields, with a view towards leveraging these services to help fulfill wider policy objectives in urban, rural, and transportation planning. It will enable its members and investors to broaden their thinking about how to meet the mobility needs of Canadians in the 21st century, and provide an opportunity to join a national collective of professionals who are committed to creating a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable shared mobility system.

Key Objectives

  • Explore how shared mobility services can be leveraged to fulfill wider policy objectives.
  • Build a network of professionals within government and the private sector across Canada whose work relates to shared mobility.
  • Provide a confidential and constructive environment in which knowledge sharing and network building can take place.

RSM Mailing List

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