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Recent Reports

Accessing Diabetes medications: A Pan-Canadian analysis of patient experiences

Medicines are a key component of a range of therapeutic interventions that Canadians use to prevent, manage, and cure health conditions. Patients living with diabetes depend on access to evidence-based, individualized treatments to maintain and improve their health outcomes, reduce complications, and increase their overall quality of life and lifespan.


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Value of Radiology

Excessive wait times bring with them a host of negative consequences. They can create economic inefficiencies by forcing patients to take time away from work, hurting the…

Report—39 pages

The fiscal health of Canadian governments

The federal and provincial governments ran huge deficits in the aftermath of the 2008–09 financial crisis. Despite decent economic growth since then, they have made little progress balancing their books. As Canada’s economic growth slows in tandem with...

Report—23 pages

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Blazing the Trail: Cannabis Legalization

What are the major concerns for employers on the impacts of the legalization of cannabis?

Report —48 pages

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A Framework for the Design Professions

A framework for evaluating the built environment’s contributions to community well-being.

Report—190 pages

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