The Role of UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Northern Development

The Conference Board of Canada, 20 pages, May 26, 2016
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This briefing focuses on how Norway fostered regional development of its North with UiT The Arctic University of Norway and how Canada could adapt its lessons to address its similar Northern skills and labour market challenges.

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Since its establishment, UiT The Arctic University of Norway has built a strong national and international profile. The university is symbolic of the economic, environmental, social, and cultural importance of the North, and has played a significant role in enhancing regional pride among Northern Norwegians. UiT has successfully raised education levels in the region and has helped to stem the brain drain from Northern Norway to the South. The increased number of PSE graduates in Northern Norway has resulted in more qualified people available in the North for employment in industry and public sector positions. It has also ensured that Northerners have access to local, high-quality public services.

Canada could address its similar Northern skills and labour market challenges by establishing a Northern university with local community and employment links that would improve access to higher education for indigenous people and other Northern residents.

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