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National Council of Foundation Executives

The National Council of Foundation Executives offers participating organizations a unique forum for exploring the important issues of foundation management—unique because it brings together foundation executives, from various sectors, to pool experience and debate alternatives in relation to the issues they face. The NCOFE will provide opportunities for members to learn through best practices, gain insight to innovative approaches and improve the strategic position of their organizations. The distinctive format of network meetings allows members to exchange perspectives freely, secure in the knowledge that their confidential discussions are appreciated by those in similar circumstances.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to address the needs, identified by foundation executives, to be part of a network that caters to the unique challenges particular to this group. Leveraging the expertise and quality that the Conference Board is known for, members of the NCOFE will have input to meeting agenda development, guest speaker selection and the location of meetings.

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Ronson Brown

Admin & Meetings Coordinator
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