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The 2019 Ontario Cities Outlook: Bright Spots Amid Dark Clouds

Most Ontario cities have enjoyed solid economic growth in recent years. Find out how 12 metropolitan areas are expected to perform in 2019 and 2020.

Webinar—August 13, 2019


Joining a Webinar

Step 1

Click on the link provided to join the webinar. If you receive an error message copy and paste the link into your browser. If the password doesn’t work, type it in—copy and paste doesn’t work.

Step 2

You will be asked to enter your name and email address. The WebEx application will open in a separate window and you will be able to see the presenter’s slides.

Step 3

Connect to the audio either by using the call back feature or Voice over IP on your computer. Once you sign into the web portion a box will pop up on your screen with the audio options. Once you sign into the web portion a box will pop up on your screen with the call-in phone number or the option to join using your computer speakers. Your phone line will be muted automatically as to eliminate any background noise. A few days before the webinar we suggest you test the software to ensure you can connect

Interacting During the Webinar

Step 1

You will hear the webinar moderator periodically count down until the webinar begins.

Step 2

There is a chat panel on the righthand side of the screen once you have logged in. You can enter your questions as you think of them or save them until the Q&A.

Step 3

There will be a customer satisfaction poll that will run at the end of the webinar so please add in your comments.

Common Issues


You cannot copy and paste the webinar password as an extra space will be added to the end without being obvious which will result in an error. Please type out the password you were given.


You need to connect for the audio either over your computer speakers (VoIP) or by dialing in over the telephone.


If your organization’s firewall prevents accessing WebEx, you can dial in over the phone for the audio and follow along with the slides that are sent in the morning of the webinar.