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Council of Chief Information Officers

The evolving role of the Chief Information Officer as a catalyst to business excellence has changed significantly in recent years. 

Investment in the latest technology does not automatically guarantee success. The strategic management of information through the use of information technology systems enables alignment of corporate strategy with the high-speed business environment of today. The CIO is increasingly called upon to take a leadership role that will assist their organization to gain a competitive edge in the new digital economy.

The Conference Board’s Council of Chief Information Officers (CCIO) provides members with the opportunity to discover how CIOs in leading-edge public and private sector organizations are managing these challenges and opportunities.

Key Objectives

  • To serve as a medium for peer support and the exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas related to Information Technology and Information Management.
  • To challenge members to a higher level of thinking through stimulating discussion focused on new knowledge and strategic issues and concerns related to the field.
  • To serve as a sounding board for research initiatives that the Conference Board may undertake in this area.


Canadian CIO Outlook - It's Here!
The annual Canadian CIO Outlook is a study on the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Canadian Chief Information Officers (CIO). A key part of the study is a nation-wide survey of CIOs and senior IT leaders to measure changing priorities, challenges, concerns, and strategies for success. Click here to access the report.


“I'm excited to be a part of an organization whose focus is Canada first! The Council acts as a forum for industry experts, encouraging discussions, debates and the sharing of knowledge about important industry developments in an open environment. Through this collaborative approach, members play a key role in furthering the Council's mandate and supporting the growth of Canada's businesses and global economic footprint. Also, members have the opportunity to learn from each other and apply those knowledge assets to enhance value within their own organizations.”



About the CIO Council

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Featured Reports


Navigating and Managing Technology-Driven Change: A Guide for Planning and Action
(The Conference Board of Canada, 8 pages)


Navigating and Managing Technology-Driven Change: What It Is and How to Deal With It
(The Conference Board of Canada, 27 pages, March 2015)


Driving Creativity and Commercialization: Innovation by Design
(The Conference Board of Canada, 25 pages, November 2014)


Cyber Security for Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Never Too Small to Fail. David Mohajer discusses the importance of cyber security for small and medium-sized business in Canada.

Listen to this webinar with Sarah Dimick, author of "The New CIO Value Proposition: Leading Innovation for Business Value and Growth" that brought the report findings to life.

CCIO Brochure

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For more information on how you can participate in the Council of Chief Information Officers, or for a guest invitation to a meeting, contact:

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