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Disappointing building activity in Canada’s big six so far this year

The value of building permits rose in July in Canada’s Census metropolitan areas, led by big jumps in both single dwelling and institutional and governmental building permits. However, the value of building permits is down....

Canadian economics
Blog—5 min read

The economic impact of family owned enterprises in Canada

Family-owned enterprises (FOEs) are a critical component of the Canadian economy. Drawing on the latest data from Statistics Canada, family-owned enterprises account for 63.1 per cent of all private sector firms in the Canadian economy and generated 48.9 per cent of Canada’s real GDP in the private sector....

Canadian economics
Report—29 pages

Immigration beyond the GTA

In 2018, the GTA welcomed 106,000 immigrants, which enriches the region’s economy, but also creates economic challenges. This report identifies how stakeholders, such as the three levels of government, can promote regionalization across the province.

—52 pages

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Diversity vs. inclusion: What’s the difference?

How organizations are thinking about diversity is shifting. A narrative that only focuses on building a diverse organization is insufficient. For organizations to see real impact on their company culture, ability to innovate, and bottom line, they must not only have a diverse workforce, but support them through strategic inclusion efforts.

Human Resources
—5 min read

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