The Water Imperative: New Standards in Corporate Water Leadership

The Conference Board of Canada, December 4, 2014
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We shouldn't take water for granted. Too much, too little or poor quality—water security is a global issue. Leading corporations anticipate the impacts of climate change and global population growth and take steps to address their water footprint for future social and financial prosperity. They see water as a strategic business issue. Forward thinking companies that recognize their profitability depends on a water supply that meets all stakeholder needs are becoming authentic water stewards.

This recorded webinar explores new standards in corporate water leadership.

Webinar Highlights

This recorded webinar is hosted by Coro Strandberg, a nationally recognized CSR and sustainability strategist and thought leader, who introduces this important business trend and reveals a roadmap for transformational water leadership. The session showcases WWF's insights into emerging water stewardship and standards, water risk considerations of lenders and insurers from RBC's perspective, and leading practices at Molson Coors.

Joining Coro Strandberg for this webinar are:

Alexis Morgan

WWF’s lead advisor on water stewardship and standards program, Alexis provides an overview of this issue from the Canadian context. He explores water risk, the business case for addressing water risk, and how this is relevant to Canada – with its abundant water supply – and to corporate supply chains. He shares best practice and tools for water stewardship and supplier engagement. For the past five years, Alexis has assisted in the creation of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) and its global water stewardship standard.

Andrew Craig

Senior manager of environmental initiatives for RBC, Andrew provides insights into how financial institutions perceive water risks and opportunities and outlines current practice and emerging issues for lenders and insurers in the due diligence process. He profiles examples of RBC’s innovative, practical and cost-effective water conservation measures that other companies could easily replicate. Andrew is responsible for the project management of RBC's global environmental initiatives.

Jamie MacKinnon

Global sustainability senior manager of energy, water and transparency at Molson Coors, Jamie shares his company’s approach to water stewardship, including water conservation, stakeholder collaboration and partnerships and participation in the CEO Water Mandate global initiative. He discusses the strategies that work to improve the water resilience of his company, its supply chain and operating communities. Jamie is responsible for developing and operationalizing the company's strategy on water, energy, climate change and waste. He has designed and executed a new energy and water management system that integrates conservation, risk, technology and engagement.

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