The Canadian Outlook for 2016: Insights from the Chief Economist

The Conference Board of Canada, February 17, 2016
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2015 was a difficult year for the Canadian Economy. Will 2016 bring more of the same, or will the outlook improve? What are the prospects for Canadian business and policy leaders in the new year?

Be prepared for new opportunities in 2016. Join Glen Hodgson, the Conference Board’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, for his expert interpretation of our latest economic numbers for Canada, its provinces, the United States, and the world. In particular, the U.S. recovery is creating conditions for stronger export growth for Canadian firms. But how are we responding to the opportunity?

As Canada’s new federal government begins to refine and implement its agenda, Glen will deliver insights on the factors shaping federal decision-making in the short term and medium term, based on his own two decades of experience in the federal public service.

Webinar Highlights

You won’t want to miss this engaging 60-minute session in which Glen describes the major economic forces that will affect your organization in 2016, including:

  • The impact of lower oil prices on regional economies, business investment, and government finances.
  • The fiscal positions of Canada and the provinces as governments complete their budget cycles.
  • The status of the U.S. recovery and rising interest rate environment there.
  • Global economic and political developments and risks, and how they could affect the outlook for Canadian firms.

About Glen

Photo of Glen Hodgson Glen Hodgson brings 35 years of experience and a specialization in international economic and financial issues to the position of Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of The Conference Board of Canada. Mr. Hodgson is responsible for overseeing the Board’s macro-economic outlook products, tourism, custom economic research, and is the Board’s chief spokesperson on economic issues. Before joining the Conference Board, Glen spent 10 years at Export Development Canada, 10 years with the federal Department of Finance, and nearly four years at the IMF.

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