Tenets of Good Corporate Governance

The Conference Board of Canada, September 12, 2018
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Good corporate governance is not a box-ticking exercise. Leaders need to look beyond compliance-based governance and ask themselves: “how can, and should, corporate governance contribute to the long-term success of business?”.

ACCA’s recent report focuses on big picture topics of global relevance including what we mean by good corporate governance in today’s world and what specific measures might help in achieving the intended outcomes. It examines the interrelation between businesses and the context in which they operate, encouraging organizations to embrace good practice that facilitates long-term growth.

Webinar Highlights

Leading governance expert Richard Leblanc and Jo Iwasaki of ACCA discuss themes and issues that commonly recur across the debate on corporate governance. In this discussion, speakers explore five key themes:

  1. the relationship between companies and society
  2. diversity and balance
  3. enabling an effective board
  4. executive compensation
  5. gatekeepers of corporate governance

These themes, both individually and taken together, demonstrate that the long-term prosperity of society relies on businesses and vice versa. These five tenets are key issues companies need to think about when considering their long-term business model and strategy.

About Jo

As Head of Corporate Governance within the Professional Insights team of ACCA, Jo Iwasaki has published on a wide range of corporate governance topics, including governance principles, board responsibilities, and diversity.

She has lectured in front of various audiences, including directors, academics, and students.

A qualified accountant, she is trained in tax and audit. In addition to corporate governance, she also has extensive experience in auditing and assurance.

About Richard

Photo of Richard LeblancDr. Richard Leblanc is one of Canada’s leading experts on corporate governance and accountability. He is an award-winning teacher, researcher, lawyer, public speaker, consultant and specialist on boards of directors. He has taught at leading universities including Harvard University. He received a teaching award as one of the top five university teachers in Ontario; was named to Canadian Who’s Who, and is a past recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40™award.

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