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Dr. Susan Black

Welcoming Dr. Susan Black

Dr. Susan Black joined The Conference Board of Canada as its new President and Chief Executive Officer on May 1, 2018. Susan will champion the work of the Conference Board and lead its transformation to meet the changing needs of customers, businesses, and Canadians. Prior to joining the Conference Board, she held numerous executive positions, including Chief Human Resources Officer with Intact Financial Corporation and Senior Vice-President, People with Holt, Renfrew & Co., Limited. Dr. Black also founded and served as President of Catalyst Canada, a research and advisory non-profit organization that champions opportunities for women in business.


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Perks at Work

Canadian employers offer a variety of perks to their employees, both to supplement compensation and benefits packages and to set themselves apart from competitors. Offering perks adds both monetary and psychological value, and can play an important role in an organization’s attraction and recruitment efforts. Perks such as perquisite and car allowances are at the top of the range in terms of value, while the most common perks include professional membership reimbursement, mobile phones, employee parking, and education grants.

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How Disruptive Technologies Could Reduce GHG Emissions From Trucking Industry

Road transportation accounts for more than one-quarter of Canada’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and the level and share are both rising. GHG emissions from the trucking industry could be significantly reduced by combining full implementation of existing fuel-saving technologies with accelerated adoption of emerging disruptive technologies. Aggressively adopting these technologies could see GHG emissions from freight vehicles fall to 20 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

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Economic Outlook for the Territories

The territories’ mining sector has wind in its sails, but economic growth is uneven across the regions. With many new mining projects on the horizon in Nunavut and Yukon, their growth is expected to take off over the next five years. Unfortunately, there will be fewer new mining developments in the Northwest Territories, and declining diamond production will weigh down its economic prospects.

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Gender Equity in Post-Secondary Education and the Workforce

Although women make up over half of post-secondary graduates, they continue to be under-represented in senior decision-making roles, certain academic and professional fields, and the workforce as a whole. Additional efforts are also needed to include more Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, LGBTQ2S people, and racialized Canadians. The inequities that persist on campuses and in work communities mean that Canada is not harnessing the full capacity of its population and must work toward achieving greater equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Using Blockchain to Improve Government Services

Blockchain has the potential to transform how government services are delivered. The public sector could use blockchain applications to handle or manage public documents, permits, and licences. Blockchain technologies could be used for commercial and property-related matters such as land transfer, real estate, lease contracts, and land registries, and for personal matters, including birth and marriage certificates, degrees, visas, and credentials. The government plays a leading role in maintaining public records, and blockchain’s distributed-trust model could support efforts to ensure accountability and transparency, and simplify information management in a secure way.

CBoC Highlights

Michael Burt speaking
Sabrina Bond (right) being interviewed
Michael Burt discusses the outlook for Canada’s banking industry in 2018. (April 16) Sabrina Bond joined CBC’s “On the Money” to discuss the outlook for Canada’s airline industry. (April 19)
Monica Haberl Satyamoorthy Kabilan speaking
Monica Haberl joined Roundhouse Radio’s “Business in Vancouver” show to discuss the perks Canadian organizations offer their employees. (April 24) Satyamoorthy Kabilan joined CTV’s “Power Play” to discuss risk-mitigation strategies in the wake of the Toronto van attack. (April 24)

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  • Welcoming Dr. Susan Black
  • Perks at Work
  • How Disruptive Technologies Could Reduce GHG Emissions From Trucking Industry
  • Economic Outlook for the Territories
  • Gender Equity in Post-Secondary Education and the Workforce
  • Using Blockchain to Improve Government Services

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