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Future of Work Summit 2014: Developing People and Transforming Organizations for the 21st Century

Monday May 12 - Tuesday May 13 2014 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, ON

JOIN US for the Future of Work Summit 2014!

Find out how your company can go from good to great!

The Conference Board of Canada is hosting a major 2-day Summit, Future of Work Summit 2014: Developing People and Transforming Organizations for the 21st Century to help companies across Canada gain unique insights on the hottest trends in business strategy and workforce development, navigate change, and build innovative workplaces for the 21st century.

Summit Overview

Businesses today and the way we work are continuously changing. Major trends are shaping the future of Canadian businesses—and they must keep up with the quick pace of change and adapt to maintain a competitive edge.

The Summit is assembling an outstanding lineup of expert speakers to share best practices and the latest strategies to help firms address significant workplace challenges such as skills and labour shortages, the rising war for talent, developing a new generation of leaders, generational differences, integrating new technologies, driving innovation and productivity results, maintaining employees’ physical and mental health, and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.

A combination of keynote speakers, participant dialogue, interactive presentations, and delegate-expert sharing will give Summit participants novel perspectives on how we can better develop the highly skilled talent our businesses urgently require, and create the workplaces of tomorrow. 

Key Takeaways

Attending delegates will:

  • Gain insights from the Summit’s high-profile speakers who will share their novel perspectives on how to implement effective strategies that work, build strategic partnerships, and track results.
  • Learn about the newest business trends and best practices to help get the most out of your workforce—now and in the future.
  • Hear the latest research findings from the Conference Board of Canada, and help shape future research plans by taking part in our consultation session.
  • Connect with hundreds of senior leaders and decision makers from private and public sector organizations across Canada to network and explore new partnerships.

Summit Themes

The Summit will focus on the following themes:

  1. Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow—implementing effective mentoring programs and succession planning strategies to build leadership skills and capacity for the next generation.
  2. Youth Employment in Multi-Generational Workplaces—understanding how companies can engage youth and develop their skills for success in modern multi-generational workplaces.
  3. Driving Continuous Innovation—creating and fostering a corporate culture of innovation, and developing innovators to create new products and services, improve processes, and enhance productivity results.
  4. Adopting New Technologies—using new technologies to enhance the connectivity, collaboration, flexibility and productivity of your workforce.
  5. Creating Diverse and Inclusive Work Environments—engaging diverse individuals and embracing their ideas, skills and experiences to drive creativity and competitive advantage.
  6. Workplace Health and Wellness—maintaining employee health, mental health and wellness to harness the full potential of your human capital.

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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

Image of the Future of Work agenda cover The full agenda for this event is now available!

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