Running on Empty: Understanding Fatigue in the Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, 42 pages, September 14, 2016
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Are your employees fatigued? This survey found that 27 per cent of employees report being fatigued most days or every day of a typical work week.

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Running on Empty: Understanding Fatigue in the Workplace documents the prevalence of fatigue in the Canadian workforce and illustrates that fatigue has consequences for the way employees think and react to work events, as well as the way employees feel and display emotions at work. It then introduces the impact of fatigue on employee safety, health, and performance outcomes. It looks beyond a traditional focus on physical safety and workplace injuries and introduces other valuable performance outcomes, such as workplace deviance. It also recognizes that other work factors affect sleep quality and quality, such as job demands and interpersonal conflict. Best practices are included for managing fatigue at work.

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