23 Truths about Cybersecurity: Insights from the Cybersecurity Conference: Crucial Collaborations

The Conference Board, Inc., 13 pages, March 7, 2018
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Organizations can’t prevent all cyberattacks, but they can mitigate their effects. This requires enterprise risk management programs guided by a cyber-knowledgeable board and a leadership team that knows its risk appetite.

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Cyberattacks are inevitable, thanks to the internet’s intrinsic vulnerabilities and the rapid advance of technology: attackers everywhere seem to be two steps ahead of defense capabilities. But companies can mitigate damage. Enterprise-wide risk management starts with a holistic plan, a board that includes cyber-savvy members, and a leadership team that knows how much risk the company can tolerate. Defending against and recovering from these attacks is not simply a job for IT, but a concerted effort that involves every function from HR to brand management.

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