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Custom Research

Our team of economists brings together over 40 years of experience delivering quality custom economic research and analysis. Combining strong analytical, writing, and programming skills, the Industrial Economics team can tackle a wide variety of custom research projects. Work undertaken in recent years includes economic impact studies, labour market outlooks, economic forecasts, market analysis, literature reviews, case studies, and policy analyses.

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Past Research

What have we been working on? Here’s our recent publicly available reports:

Sowing the Seeds of Growth: Temporary Foreign Workers in Agriculture

This briefing looks at the important role of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in alleviating critical labour shortages in Canada’s agriculture sector and proposes an alternative way to think of TFWs in agriculture.

An Engine for Growth: 2016 Report Card on Canada and Toronto’s Financial Services Sector

This report examines the role of the financial services sector as a source of capital for businesses, comparing Canada to other countries; considers the sector’s international trade and investment performance; and assesses Toronto’s role in the sector.

Finding Our Balance: How Changes in Oil Prices Impact Canada’s Economy

This report discusses the economic and fiscal performance of Canada and its provinces under three different oil prices scenarios.

The Chartered Insurance Professional Designation: Creating Value for Employers and Employees

Commissioned by the Insurance Institute of Canada, this project assessed the value of the Chartered Insurance Professional designation for employers and employees through a survey of over 900 property and casualty insurance professionals.

From Oil to Diamonds: Employment Opportunities for the Aboriginal Workforce

This report aims to identify job openings and occupations most in demand in Canada’s resource sector over the next ten years. Our analysis covered nearly 300 occupations across all 10 provinces and the territories.

Stronger Together: The Strengths of Canada’s Four Global Financial Centres

This report identifies the key strengths of four financial centres—Calgary, Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver—and considers the role each plays in growing the international presence of the Canadian financial services sector.

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