Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Careers: Next Generation Skills and Practices

The Conference Board of Canada, December 11, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability skills are often underrated in the bigger picture of a business. After years of implementing operational Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs, many practitioners realize they need to evolve their strategy, team structure, job descriptions, and skillsets to achieve greater business and societal results.

What do next-generation skills and practices look like? This webinar will help you navigate those skills and gain better understanding of what future skills will be needed for the complex and strategy focused work that will be expected from practitioners.

Webinar Highlights

Chantale Despres, Director of Sustainability at CN, presents a 60-minute webinar that provides insights into how the role of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability practitioners is adjusting to meet new business imperatives in the following ways:

  • Roles are being repositioned, becoming embedded more closely into business operations,
  • Job descriptions are evolving to include a more strategic focus on the overall organization and its external operations,
  • New skills are being prioritized to help practitioners build capacity in social innovation, external collaboration, and systems thinking.

This webinar is designed to enable practitioners to achieve greater influence and success – for the benefit of their organization and society.

About Chantale

Photo of Chantale DesprésChantale Després is the Director of Sustainability for CN, where she works closely with key internal and external stakeholders, to advance sustainable supply chain solutions. Chantale is a volunteer and a member of the Board of Al Gore's Climate Reality Project Canada, as well as other professional and not- for-profit organizations. In 2015 She was named to Canada's Clean16 in recognition of her contributions to sustainable development and clean capitalism.

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