Cyber Threats Need Coordination: How Cyber Security Can Only Be Addressed Comprehensively

The Conference Board of Canada, November 25, 2015
Recorded Webinar
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When even the White House can be hacked, it isn't a big stretch for corporate leaders and directors to start to question how secure your company's IT infrastructure and data are. Added to the increasing threat from external sources is the added reputational risk that corporations and their senior executives face, from customers, regulators and media, who increasingly see these breaches as failures of management and the board to effectively manage their cyber risk.

This threat is an opportunity for corporate security executives to demonstrate their worth to the corporation and to see the profile and prestige of this role increase. But in order to make the most of this opportunity, corporate security officers need to be confident not only in their assessment and risk management approaches, they must also actively engage other senior executives and the board to ensure that everyone is onside with the cyber threat management plan. A failure to have a comprehensive approach to managing cyber risk will undermine a company's ability to manage the threats.

Cyber Threats Need Coordination: How Cyber Security Can Only Be Addressed Comprehensively with Tony Power, Senior Director, Corporate Security at Emera Inc. will showcase how he worked with Emera's executive team and board of directors to develop a comprehensive approach to managing cyber risk.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute webinar, Tony Power will review:

  • How the current state of risk was evaluated
  • How data and IT assets were valued
  • Governance and Oversight approach
  • Cyber Risk Management approach
  • How Cyber raised the profile of Corporate Security

About Tony

Photo of Tony Power

Tony Power is Senior Director of Corporate Security at Emera Inc. Tony is chair of Emera's Business Continuity Steering Committee and a member of Emera's IT Strategy Committee and Intranet Coucil. Externally, Tony is active on the Conference Board of Canada's Advisor Committee for the Council of Security Executives. Prior to joining Emera, Tony spent 13 years at Bell Aliant in various roles including Company Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer.

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