Taking Fear out of Risk: The Leader’s Role in Sustainable Risk Management

The Conference Board of Canada, October 15, 2015
Recorded Webinar
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Every day, in every industry across the country, leaders are forced to make choices. Whether mundane or significant, choices inform corporate decisions, and it is these decisions that accumulate to form and shape an organization’s culture and performance. But we’re all human, and when a person is faced with a choice, fear can inhibit judgment, potentially stifling innovation or masking opportunities in a cloak of risk.

In many respects, managing fear and managing risk are synonymous. The reduction of risk can better position an organization to analyze options and make evidence-based decisions. The goal is to remove the emotional and fear-based aspects of decision-making. Managing risk and removing uncertainty is one of the benefits of an enterprise-wide risk management program.

Over the last 20 years, Enterprise Risk Management has taken on various forms and frameworks. Too often, ERM is initiated with great fanfare, only to eventually drift to the outer orbit of leadership’s strategic priorities. A sustainable ERM program is a key aspect in helping organizations and leaders make decisions based on knowledge and balanced assessments, not based on fear. This webinar will isolate some key drivers of this trend and provide solutions to promote and sustain an ERM program that is valued and embraced by your organization.

Don’t miss this chance to hear distinct strategies for designing and sustaining an effective enterprise risk management program, reflecting observations and experiences from the real world. The presenters, Marc Dominus and Gregg Anderson, will focus on solutions relating to the distinct roles that organizational leaders play in defining and sustaining an ERM program.

Webinar Highlights

Participating in this webinar will help you to recognize, understand and address:

  • The four attributes of leadership in the context of sustainable risk management
  • Reducing the impact of fear and uncertainty on strategic decision-making
  • Designing a risk resilient organization
  • Leveraging change management concepts in response to risk
  • Building the appropriate culture and mindset

About Marc

photo of Marc Dominus Marc Dominus and Gregg Anderson collaborate with clients in improving their performance and managing risk through the implementation of sustainable risk management programs. Marc has decades of experience in designing, developing, and facilitating risk management workshops and the design of risk management tools, techniques and methods.

About Gregg

photo of Gregg Anderson Gregg brings his experience in the design and execution of enterprise wide initiatives in support of organization strategies.

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