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Agenda and Speakers

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2017: New Thinking for the Disruptive Age May 10, 2017 Toronto

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

8:00 AM Networking Deluxe Continental Breakfast
8:45 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Preston <br />  
Director, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
The Conference Board of Canada
9:00 AM Showcase: The Conference Board of Canada Research
What We Can Learn from Israel's Innovation and Technology Approach

Canada's innovation performance has been weak for decades, earning "C" and "D" grades year-after-year on The Conference Board of Canada's Innovation Report Card. In comparing the innovation performance of individual provinces with that of 16 advanced peer countries, across indicators that include three dimensions of innovation performance—capacity, activity and results - several important lessons are evident. Among these is the importance of research and development, experimentation, and innovation in building organizational, sector, and national resilience. Mr. Preston will draw on findings from the Conference Board's recent innovation study tour to Israel to demonstrate the role of innovation in building resilience and prosperity, and will reveal how our overall lack of innovation performance in this country is harming our competitiveness.

Preston <br />  
Director, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
The Conference Board of Canada
9:45 AM Rely on your Gut!

Often times we find ourselves at a cross-roads with decisions and wonder how to bridge the data in front of us with our gut instincts. In this session Dr. Liebowitz will share how using intuition in the business decision-making process, rather than relying on just data analytics, will enable value-driven results.

Liebowitz <br />  
Distinguished Chair of Applied Business and Finance
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Queen's University
10:30 AM Networking/Health Break

Enjoy some free time to grab a coffee and network with peers.

11:00 AM The 3 Things I Learned About Disruptive Innovation as an UberX Driver

The word Uber has popped up in countless headlines, start-up pitches and conversations of consumers and regulators around the world. What does the CEO of a billion-dollar global ad agency mean when he says "our industry has been ubered"? How do we evaluate constant stream of companies (500 and counting) that have publicly claimed to be the Uber of Dry Cleaning, Gentlemen's care, etc. and how can you be the driver of innovative change in your own organization?

Graham <br />  
Head of Open Innovation
General Motors of Canada Company
12:00 PM Group Networking Lunch
1:00 PM Social Context of Teams—It's Not Rocket Science

Shift Coaching Inc. is a boutique coaching company specializing in unique approaches to leadership and team development. Shift focuses on optimizing business performance through an integrated, context based approach to leadership and team coaching. Susan Pahl, founder and CEO of Shift Coaching Inc., is an innovative leadership and team coach with 25 years of domestic and international business experience.

A team of Shift Coaches will provide you with an opportunity to explore unique concepts and approaches to leadership and team coaching through an experiential learning session. You will be invited to step into the 4-D System Model and explore a framework that maps the space in which human beings collaborate to create results. You will discover how your preferences show up and influence team space.

The 4-D System Model was designed for NASA and has been used globally to encourage behaviour that creates collaboration and connection within teams. You will leave with knowledge and practical tools that can be applied immediately back on the job.

Pahl <br />  
Shift Coaching Inc.
McAfrey <br />  
Shift Coaching Inc.
2:15 PM Networking/Health Break

Enjoy some free time to grab a coffee and network with peers.

2:45 PM The Great ReWrite: The Current Resetting of Our Planet's Operating System

An in-depth look at the forces changing us as human beings, forcing us to restate this planet's operating system from the ground up. Mr. Brody will share and explore the drivers behind this change and what organizations can do about it to stay relevant.

Brody <br />  
Business and Technology Visionary
3:45 PM From Strategy to Innovation: Follow the Rules, Choose a Path

"Strategy" and "innovation" are two concepts that are frequently invoked, but that rarely enjoy shared meaning. The result is often confusion and results that fall far short of expectations. It turns out that a sound definition of these concepts enables the kind of practical insight that makes achieving the outcomes we seek not just possible but likely. In this presentation, Dr. Michael Raynor of Monitor Deloitte will share the results of over a decade of original research that sheds new light on the old, but ever green, questions of what makes for good strategy, and how to innovate effectively.

Raynor <br />  
Deloitte Services LP
5:00 PM Closing Remarks and Adjournment

The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.