The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s immigration research hub. Relying on in-house demographic, economic and fiscal models, we have the unique ability to quantify the challenges associated with an aging demography and evaluate policy assumptions around immigration and the labour market success of immigrants. Our work helps strengthen Canada’s immigration system.

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Recent Reports

Improving Canadian Business Immigration

The increasing international prevalence of business immigration programs is being fuelled by…

Report—60 pages

Immigrant Entrepreneurs and International Trade

Canada needs to diversify and expand its international trade to strengthen its economy...

Report—41 pages

Canada 2040: No Immigration Vs More Immigration

A no-immigration world would result in weak economic growth and fiscal strain—a situation that…

Report—60 pages

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Immigration Is Key to Canada’s Growth Strategy

Due to its aging population and low fertility rate, Canada needs new sources of talent...

Report—41 pages

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