Susan Côté-Freeman

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy

Vice-President, Strategy and Analytics
Fortinet Technologies (Canada) Inc.

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy is Vice-President, Strategy and Analytics at Fortinet Technologies (Canada) Inc. Jonathan leads strategy and service relationship programs at Fortinet where he focuses on emerging technologies and partnerships. With extensive experience working with global enterprises and nation-states, he is responsible for developing innovative security solutions addressing the challenges of digital transformation – from the IoT edge to the cloud.

Prior to joining Fortinet, Jonathan served as the Security CTO at Verizon Enterprise Solutions where he was responsible for strategic technology partnerships, the Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center, and the data science team that produces the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Before that role, he led the Security Services line-of-business and was responsible for data analytics and solutions supporting military-grade continuous diagnostics and mitigation. Jonathan also led the development of Verizon’s hosting services and business continuity practice. Before working in the private sector, he served with the U.S. Foreign Service in Central America working on economic development and disarmament initiatives. Jonathan has more than 20 years of cybersecurity and BCDR/COOP experience – working through many business challenges including armed conflict, civil strife, labor strikes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, network outages and a wide range of cyber attacks.