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Conference Overview

Disruptive technologies and the digital age are having major impacts on private and public sector organizations across Canada. How can we leverage these changes to help keep businesses and government innovative and to help sustain long-term success?

Disruptive technology and digitalization has changed the ways in which people do business and there are important implications for sustaining the future success of organizations and Canada’s innovation eco-system going forward.

It is for these reasons that on May 10th, The Conference Board of Canada will be holding the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2017: New Thinking for the Disruptive Age in Toronto. Building on the success of previous years, this year’s event will tackle the key issues, strategies and challenges associated with leveraging the impacts of disruptive technology for achieving desired outcomes. And for the first-time ever, registration to this event is open generally to the public and private sectors, whereas in the past, it has been by-invite only and open only to members of the Council of Chief Information Officers, the Council for IT Executives, the Council for Innovation and Commercialization, the Council for Information and Knowledge Management, and the Centre for Business Innovation.

To ensure a prosperous future, we need to collectively strategize

Strategic collaborations and change is needed to align the efforts of business and different levels of government to drive future growth and competitiveness in the face of digitization and disruption.

Gain practical insights from experts and leaders 

At this event, you will hear experts from across Canada and internationally share their insights on how to proactively manage change resulting from the continual emergence of disruptive technologies. You will be exposed to the latest thinking, corporate best practices, strategies and tools to drive collaboration, innovation, and commercialization and ultimately help you with your organizational strategies.

The annual Science, Technology and Innovation Policy conference brings together industry experts, government leaders and strategic thinkers that are dealing with a myriad of business and policy challenges brought on by the rapid pace of change. The event offers insights from a variety of perspectives on new thinking for the digital age and for the disruptive century, and explores the implications for industry, all levels of government and Canada on the global stage.

This conference will ask and address some of the most pressing issues around:

  • What is the role of business leaders in navigating organization change?
  • How might organizations play a role in sustaining innovation in Canada?
  • What policy actions are needed at all levels of government?
  • What is the role of partnerships between government and industry?
  • How will digitalization affect future growth of Canadian businesses? 
  • How can we understand the need to embrace change and think differently about business models?
  • How can we develop a shared understanding that disruption and change is the new normal, not an exception?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for building dynamic and adaptive organizations, and for positioning management strategies, processes and best practices for long-term success?

Join us and help influence the future of innovation in Canada

By attending on May 10th, you will be part of a discussion on the impact of digitalization and disruptive technologies on business and government and the important role that leadership plays in embracing these changes. 

This is your chance to explore key issues, network with your peers, and share your own perspectives on how we can strategically use the change brought on by disruption as an opportunity. Join us to help develop a shared vision for Canada’s innovation eco-system.

The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

Full Agenda Available!

The full agenda for this event is now available.

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