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Challenges escalating for Canada’s oil and gas sector

In the midst of a global collapse in demand for oil, Saudi Arabia and Russia have embarked on a price war that has brought oil prices down to rock bottom levels—putting at risk many companies in Canada’s energy sector.

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

COVID-19 could cause a permanent shift to working remotely

To limit the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told Canadian citizens to stay home, if possible. Numerous businesses and organizations have closed their offices, instituting remote work arrangements. As employers and employees navigate these extraordinary circumstances, it’s an opportune time to assess our capabilities for remote work and what it means for different people.

Focus Area—Innovation and Technology

Canadian outlook summary: Spring 2020

Canada’s economic growth ground to a halt in the fourth quarter of 2019. With the economy already on precarious footing, the added shocks of the recent rail blockade protests, the arrival of COVID-19, and a collapse in oil prices have brought the country to the brink of recession.

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Maintaining morale now and into the future

If you are a leader, you now also have to take on the role of “chief morale officer.” With your people working remotely and the current climate of fear around health and finances, a top priority for you as a leader is to keep your people motivated and feeling as good as they can about the work they do for you.

Focus Area—Leadership