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Woman wearing headphones working on a computer
Workplaces for the Future: A Playbook for Municipal Leaders on Exploring Remote, Hybrid, and On-Site models

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented employers with a unique opportunity to reinvent the workplace. For most organizations, the future workplace will likely involve a blend of remote and on-site work. This impact paper examines the benefits and challenges of fully on-site, fully remote, and hybrid workplace models for the Regional Municipality of York.

Impact paper  |  32-min read
October 25, 2021
Focus Area—Human resources

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Retail sales have heated up, for now

This morning’s release is particularly encouraging for two key reasons. First, retailers are doing well despite facing more tough competition from leisure activities (such as travel and in-person dining) following the loosening of public health restrictions. Second, retail sales grew at a healthy clip despite ongoing supply chain issues, which have hurt the availability of many consumer goods.

Quick take  |  2-min read
October 22, 2021
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Train going down track in countryside
Supply Trains: Security and Resilience in Canada’s Propane Market

Canada’s propane supply chain is in good health. Production is up, exports are growing, and investment remains strong. But the supply chain is changing. Not only are new market dynamics poised to create impacts, but disruptions like blockades, strikes, and the increasing use of rail also loom large.

Issue briefing|  15-min read
October 7, 2021
Focus Area—Sustainability

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A Better Yardstick: A Capability-Centred Innovation Framework for Measuring Innovation

The importance of innovation is well-understood. Aside from its direct benefits of improved productivity, economic growth, and job creation, innovation allows governments to spend more resources on support for policy priorities, such as education, health, and infrastructure. Another key outcome is the increased income resulting from successful innovation, which leads to a better standard of living.

Impact paper  |  30-min read
September 28, 2021
Focus Area—Innovation & Technology

Future Skills Centre Research

Two female students building a machine
Future Skills Summit

Our nation’s labour market is undergoing massive change. It’s being shaped by effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as unprecedented demographic shifts, economic changes and technological advances. To navigate these disruptions and foster the future prosperity of Canada, we must support the lifelong skills development of our workforce.

Summit  |  Virtual
February 22–24, 2022
Client—Future Skills Centre

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Searching for Strengths: Gaps and Opportunities for Social and Emotional Skills Development in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

The tourism and hospitality (T&H) sector was hit especially hard by the pandemic. The International Monetary Fund reported that the industry “will continue to struggle until people feel safe to travel en masse again.” Helping displaced workers in the sector find new and meaningful employment is crucial to both the people who have been directly affected and the broader economic recovery.

Issue briefing  |  15-min read
September 21, 2021
Focus Area—Education & Skills
Client—Future Skills Centre

Two black women conversing
Social and emotional skills are in high demand

The Conference Board of Canada is conducting interviews (1-hour) asking participants to share their experiences with social and emotional skills in the workplace. How do you use social and emotional skills at work? Are you interested in how your skills are recognized? Tell us about your experiences.

Online experience  |  2-min read
Deadline: November 5, 2021
Focus Area—Education & Skills
Client—Future Skills Centre