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Driving Knowledge Management for Innovation

(The Conference Board of Canada, 32 pages, May 2015)
Good knowledge management (KM) and innovation are strongly connected. Drawing on a literature review and interviews with innovative organizations, this briefing identifies and explores KM best practices.

Navigating and Managing Technology-Driven Change: A Guide for Planning and Action

(The Conference Board of Canada, 8 pages)
Technology can improve the performance and productivity of organizations. But many face barriers to selecting, implementing, and using technologies to achieve benefits. This Planning and Action Guide can help.

Navigating and Managing Technology-Driven Change: What It Is and How to Deal With It

(The Conference Board of Canada, 27 pages, March 2015)
This briefing addresses why Canadian firms lag on information and communication technologies (ICT) investment, the consequences for innovation and productivity, and what can be done to stimulate more effective ICT adoption.

Driving Creativity and Commercialization: Innovation by Design

(The Conference Board of Canada, 25 pages, November 2014)
This briefing examines three initiatives—innovation ecosystems, sandboxes, and harnessing the power of big data—implemented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create a thriving innovation culture.

Adopting Digital Technologies: The Path for SMEs

(The Conference Board of Canada, 138 pages, February 2014)
This briefing addresses the issue of digital technology adoption for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It examines lessons learned and identifies best practices for and barriers to adoption.

Leading Innovation for Business Value and Growth

(The Conference Board of Canada, 14 pages, November 2013)
The role of the Chief Information Officer has changed. This briefing examines how CIOs can influence—and drive—innovation in their organizations.

Technology and Innovation Policy Research

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Pandemic Operations - TELUS Shares Pandemic Management Processes and Playbook

With over 73 thousand employees in 20 countries, TELUS has many reasons to prioritize responsible pandemic management. In this recorded webinar, Michael R. Galin, Director of Risk Management at TELUS, will explain how the company protects its employees, its customers, and its business. He will open the playbook (literally) and share the pandemic strategies that TELUS uses today, and continues to evolve for tomorrow.

Recorded Webinar | April 2020 | The Conference Board of Canada

Upping the ante on innovation in the Public Sector

A recent report by the ACCA flies in the face of assumptions that the public sector is largely averse to innovation. In fact, this comprehensive survey of public finance professionals reveals that new initiatives designed to improve value are implemented as frequently in the public sector as they are in the private sector.

Recorded Webinar | March 2020 | The Conference Board of Canada

The Future of Work: Digital Technologies and Canada’s Labour Market

Wave after wave of rapid technological change is happening in Canada.

Some workers are at high risk of having their jobs automated, and have few opportunities to transition to other occupations—especially without significant retraining. But there is still no consensus on the proportion of jobs that could be fully automated or transformed by technology. It’s critical that Canadian leaders understand how this will shift our labour market. So how do we know where to start?

This 60-minute complimentary webinar will feature Future Skills Centre research on automation and job futures, conducted by The Conference Board of Canada’s Innovation and Technology knowledge area. It will highlight the most vulnerable industries and job types—ones with high concentrations of high-risk, low-mobility (HRLM) employment.

Get an inside look, and go beyond reacting to technological changes after they happen. Use this webinar to guide your public or private organization’s resources on the people and skill transitions that need it the most.

Recorded Webinar | February 2020 | Darren Gresch | The Conference Board of Canada

An Introduction to Cyber Insurance: Understanding the Canadian Ecosystem

This issue briefing outlines the current cyber insurance landscape in Canada, examining three main cyber insurance products and the industry’s challenges in covering the threat of cyber attacks.

Issue Briefing | 15 pages | December 2019 | Rachael Bryson, Vanessa Thomas | The Conference Board of Canada

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

This briefing aims to offer a clear definition of zero-day vulnerabilities and their threat environment and to identify and explain some of the key challenges surrounding and responding to them.

Briefing | 13 pages | August 2019 | Rachael Bryson, Vanessa Thomas | The Conference Board of Canada

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