Provincial Forecasts

Territorial Outlook Economic Forecast: Summer 2019

The setting in which the territorial economies find themselves today is one of a more sluggish Canadian economy due to a big contraction in exports and residential investment..

CBoC, July 9, 2019

Canadian Outlook Executive Summary: Summer 2019 (PDF)

The economy got off to a poor start in 2019 as the trade sector took a toll on economic growth. While growth is expected to pick up throughout the rest of the year...

Matthew Stewart, June 21, 2019

While the domestic travel market has proven resilient so far despite a slowing economy and the mounting financial pressure facing Canadian households, it is undeniable that the recent strong momentum of Canada’s tourism sector has started to fade.


Another stay-the-course budget as Nova Scotia focuses on maintaining surplus

The 2019 Nova Scotia budget, released on March 26, focuses on many of the same themes found in last year’s budget—maintaining a surplus position while providing some small increases in spending. 

Daniel Fields, March 28, 2019

New Brunswick Budget: Province to Tackle Debt

The 2019 New Brunswick budget, released March 19, showed the province is back in surplus well ahead of schedule. Going forward, its plan is mainly focused on maintaining its surplus.

Lois Mainville, March 20, 2019

Saskatchewan Budget: Return to Balance

Saskatchewan drastically increased taxes and announced a stringent spending plan with the goal of returning to balance.

Daniel Lam, March 22, 2019

Manitoba Outlook Economic Forecast

The Canadian economy has slowed more than expected. Real GDP growth will slip to just 1.4 per cent in 2019 but is expected to….

CBoC, June 7, 2019

Saskatchewan Outlook Economic Forecast

Benefiting from strong net international migration, the tides are turning in Atlantic Canada. The region will buck the national….

CBoC, June 7, 2019

Alberta Outlook Economic Forecast

Many Canadians were caught by surprise at how quickly the economy lost speed in the final months of 2018 as persistent…

CBoC, June 7, 2019

Provincial Outlook Economic Forecast

Canada’s economic growth is expected to moderate to 1.9 per cent this year but then improve slightly to 2.1 per cent in 2020.

CBoC, March 13, 2019

Manitoba Budget on Solid Track to Balance, but Lacks Details on Spending Plan

After nearly a decade in the red, Manitoba looks to be on a path to balance. However, it is hard to say how the province plans to achieve this without the spending details.

Daniel Fields, March 8, 2019