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In-depth analysis of Ontario Budget 2019 provided by Economists from The Conference Board of Canada

Ottawa, April 9, 2019—Conference Board of Canada economists Pedro Antunes, Marie-Christine Bernard, Daniel Fields and Matthew Stewart will be available to provide independent analysis after the release of the Ontario Budget on April 11 (approximately 4 p.m. ET).

Our Ontario Budget 2019 Analysis report will also be available for editorial use at on Thursday evening, April 11 (between 8 and 9 pm ET).

Economists available for comment:

Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist

Pedro Antunes joined The Conference Board of Canada after working with the Canadian Forecasting Group at the Bank of Canada. Previously Deputy Chief Economist of the Conference Board's National and Provincial forecast team, he was responsible for custom research work and economic analysis. Pedro also researches the impact of demographic change on the fiscal sustainability of health care, productivity, and long-term economic growth.

Matthew Stewart, Director, National Forecast, Forecasting and Analysis

Director of Economics, Matthew Stewart oversees the Outlook publication, a quarterly report on Canada's economy, our Fiscal Snapshot reports, a review of the finances and budget of each province, and the Canadian long-term Economic Outlook.

Marie-Christine Bernard, Director, Provincial Forecast

Marie-Christine Bernard is Director, Provincial and Territorial Forecast Service, and is presently in charge of the medium- and long-term provincial and territorial forecast and publications. She also oversees research work such as economic impact analysis, cost benefit analysis and labour supply and demand occupational forecasting projects.

Daniel Fields, Economist, National Forecast

Daniel Fields is a keen observer of the provincial economics scene and the fiscal challenges faced by those governments. His analysis provides a short- and medium-term outlook in areas such as tax revenue and federal transfers as well as spending in key categories such as health care and education.

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