Climate Change

Define Urban Infrastructure Investment

Canada has fallen behind in infrastructure spending. There are different estimates about the size of the gap, but let’s use the Federation of Canadian Municipalities…

April 10, 2019 | Op-ed

Northern Canada Faces Climate Change Challenge

The threat of climate change to property and infrastructure has become increasingly apparent to Canadians. This is an urgent reality faced by many of Canada’s remote northern communities.

June 5, 2019 | Op-ed

The success of Canada’s ambitious agenda for reducing carbon emissions will be measured by its ability to reduce emissions and effectively manage competitiveness.

Brett Goodwin

Research Assistant

Rail vs Pipeline

Policymakers and business leaders should pay closer attention to this blind spot, as it impacts the efficiency of Canada’s transportation system..

February 25, 2019 | Op-ed

Services for Managing Climate Change

Canadian insurers are facing claims on natural catastrophes of approximately $1 billion annually. New risk management products are emerging that can help to share and manage the insurable risks of climate change.

Glen Hodgson, January 21, 2019 | Report

Consumer Attitudes Towards a Low-carbon Economy

Consumers consider low-carbon and environmentally friendly branding on product labels important, but many will not be influenced by such labels...

December 14, 2018 | Report

Carbon Leakage and Canadian Climate Policy

We examine what carbon leakage is, how it is measured, why it matters, and how Canada has approached this theme. Current climate policies pay only limited attention to the potential for carbon leakage.

Len Coad, November 1, 2017 | Report

Renewable Fuel Standards

This briefing advocates retaining a minimum blend mandate, ensuring that the role of ethanol is strengthened and its benefits extended.

Len Coad, September 14, 2017 | Report

Clean Trade: Global Opportunities

Canada can enhance its global commerce by exporting climate-friendly technologies, such as renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies, and waste management products.

Julie Adès, July 11, 2017 | Report

Costs of climate change are rising

Debate about reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions frequently references the costs of different policy choices going forward.

May 16 2018 | Op-ed

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Canada has been a laggard, with fair to good performances on a few measures, but weak performances on most, and a poor showing overall.

January 3, 2019 | Report