Webinar on the Metrics for Firm-Level Business Innovation

The Conference Board of Canada, June 10, 2014 at 03:00 PM EDT
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Join us for a special 60-minute webinar that examines how Canadian companies devise, measure and manage innovation activities. Webinar on the Metrics for Firm-Level Business Innovation explores the findings of a report published in 2013 that goes deep inside the firm to find evidence-based insights and solutions that will help to create firm-level strategies to reinvigorate an innovative culture in Canada.

Webinar Highlights

Report authors Sorin Cohn and Bruce Good will set the stage with the current state of innovation measurement by firms and provide insight into why innovation is measured and valued. They will walk you through the research findings that shed light on how Canadian firms use—and could potentially use—metrics to manage their innovation activities by analyzing the metrics used, and their effectiveness in supporting innovation performance. Find out the step-by-step procedures for designing, adopting, using, and revising innovation performance metrics.

Topics to be explored during this 60-minute webinar include:

  • why metrics
  • how innovation is valued and measured
  • the usage of innovation metrics in Canadian firms
  • Canada's industry appreciation of innovation metrics
  • guidelines for meaningful innovation measurement

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