Creating Better Workplaces Through Storytelling

The Conference Board of Canada, April 18, 2019
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First, what do we mean by stories? How do we create them? How do we make them have meaning? With the help from Jordan Bower, Marissa Korda, and Jean-François Claude; we will understand what makes a compelling story and why you need more storytelling in your organization.

During this webinar, Jordan Bower will answer your questions on what storytelling really is, how to create more of them, and how to make them have impact into everyday operations. Storytelling helps us accomplish two goals within an organization. First, we can use storytelling as a tactic to make our presentations, reports, Powerpoint decks, emails and one-on-one conversations more engaging, convincing and meaningful. Second, we can use storytelling as a strategy to define the overarching narrative around any project, team, organization, or change initiative. By combining these approaches, we can create clear, engaging and meaningful communications that motivate people with the why behind any message.

Webinar Highlights

Now that you have a bit more context on the elements of a great story, this webinar will showcase storytelling in action to address loneliness and mental health.

  • Loneliness is a thing we don’t talk about, but it’s universal. It’s a normal part of being human to experience loneliness at times but it doesn’t need to be as isolating as it is. Stories have tremendous power, and in starting conversations about loneliness we can combat isolation and cultivate compassion—both for others and for ourselves. Stories are powerful tools for cultivating empathy and growing kindness which is exactly why Marissa Korda created The Loneliness Project.
  • Jean-François Claude is using storytelling to change the conversation on workplace mental health in the Federal Public Service. You will learn how this innovative, grassroots-driven employee initiative got off the ground to raise awareness about mental health and help reduce the stigma of mental illness in federal workplaces. And how the power of employee storytelling to bring about culture change garnered the attention of the highest offices in the federal government.

Join Jordan, Marissa and Jean-François for this one-hour webinar and learn how important stories can be for your workplace health initiatives to create a better, safer, more accepting workplace.

About Jordan

At the end of six years of travel that took him to fifty countries around the world, Jordan Bower founded Transformational Storytelling, a consultancy based in Vancouver. Jordan leads storytelling workshops, facilitates strategic planning process and works one-on-one with coaching clients based all over the world. Jordan’s clients include Canadian Tire, CIBC and the RCMP, as well as Silicon Valley technology companies like Mozilla and Autodesk. His website is

About Marissa

Photo of Marissa KordaMarissa Korda an award-winning freelance multidisciplinary graphic designer. She specializes in branding and web design, using the power of design to give ideas a visual voice and tell authentic stories. Building long-lasting and rewarding partnerships with clients of all shapes and sizes, she creates thoughtfully-crafted and beautifully-executed solutions to reflect their unique needs and values. She is also the creator of The Loneliness Project (, an online archive that collects, showcases, and archives real peoples’ stories of loneliness. The project has collected thousands of stories from over 70 different countries and has been covered my media such as The Globe and Mail, CBC, and Buzzfeed, among others.

About Jean-François

Photo of Jean-François ClaudeJean-François Claude, M.S.M. Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker, Federal Speakers’ Bureau on Healthy Workplaces Senior Advisor, Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace

Jean-François has turned personal adversity into public advocacy for mental health, launching the website (The Men’s Depression Education Network) in 2013. He then orchestrated the City of Ottawa’s first Proclamation of a “Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Ottawa” in 2014, now held annually on the Tuesday immediately preceding Father’s Day. The first municipal proclamation of its kind in Canada, this awareness day is now recognized and celebrated nationally.

A firm believer in the power of storytelling to bring about culture change, Jean-François regularly shares his lived experience of mental health recovery as a bilingual keynote speaker and panelist.

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