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The Conference Board of Canada facilitates innovation—from inspiration to implementation—through impactful peer-to-peer learning and research. Our goal is to increase Canada’s global competitiveness by improving private and public sector innovation performance and technology creation and adoption. We achieve this by fostering Canada's innovation ecosystem and studying the impact of technology on society.

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Recent Reports

An Introduction to Cyber Insurance: Understanding the Canadian Ecosystem

While cyber risk cannot be eliminated, it can be controlled. Every organization today that works with digital data is vulnerable to cyber attack. While it is impossible to completely abolish the risk of becoming a target, this risk can be managed—primarily though retaining cyber insurance.


Innovation Culture and Brand

A strong culture of innovation can energize and enable a company's innovation performance. In turn…

Report—12 pages

Driving Knowledge Management for Innovation

This briefing explores ways knowledge management can drive innovation within firms.

Report—32 pages

Emerging Technologies and Strategies

Three key takeaways from the event are that emerging technologies and strategies will have a far…

Report—36 pages

Blockchain (BC) Improving Government Digital Services

Further adoption of BC will require a demonstration of the technology’s capabilities and…

Report—22 pages

Rethinking Innovation Spending

First things first: companies need to know how much they spend on innovation before they can…

Report—21 pages

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