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The Centre for National Security

The Centre for National Security (CNS) is the Research Centre within the National Security and Public Safety group.

CNS works to help improve the capacity of Canadian leaders to understand and effectively address national security challenges. The Centre brings together executives from the public and private sectors: executives who have a broad perspective of strategic-level security threats and risks, and whose organizations have a stake in national security, public security and public safety. The CNS team works with participants to produce timely and relevant insights needed to make effective decisions in their areas of responsibility and/or to contribute to public policy-making.

Centre participants actively support customized research projects and facilitated networking events designed to illuminate current and emerging threats as well as political, economic, social and technological trends.

Key Objectives

  • Build insight, through dialogue and research, on how to improve Canada’s national security by capitalizing on advanced technologies and practices.
  • Provide a forum for learning that draws on the experience and knowledge of members, as well as Conference Board experts.
  • Improve the capacity of member organizations to contribute to the identification, mitigation, and response to national security threats.

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“I’ve had the privilege of being a member of the Centre for National Security (CNS) from its inception. I continue to learn from and exchange ideas with thought leaders who, like me, take essential insights from the Centre and turn them into practices, concepts, and strategic positions. The Centre for National Security is the most inspiring forum in this space that I have seen or heard of.”

—Marc Lapointe, Director, Corporate Security and Resiliency, Bell Canada

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