Canada’s Innovation Performance: Finding Rays of Light

The Conference Board of Canada, July 10, 2018
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Canada’s innovation performance has been weak for decades, earning “C” and “D” grades year-after-year on The Conference Board of Canada’s How Canada Performs Report Card on Innovation. But at the provincial level, a very different story emerges. While some provinces lag international peers on innovation, others are performing at or near the global frontier of innovation excellence.

Which provinces are ranked among the best innovation regions in the world, and which are struggling to keep up? Does Canada receive another “C” or “D” for innovation overall? Has performance improved or continued to slip in Canada? What can Canada and the provinces do to become top-performers on innovation?

In this recorded webinar Paul Preston presents the findings of The Conference Board of Canada’s How Canada Performs Report Card on Innovation. For the second time, the Conference Board’s How Canada Performs analysis compares the innovation performance of individual provinces with that of 16 advanced peer countries. Learn how the provinces and peer countries fare on indicators of three dimensions of innovation performance—capacity, activity and results.

Webinar Highlights

In this recorded webinar, Paul:

  • Examines the performance of Canada’s provinces relative to 16 international peers on 10 indicators of innovation capacity, activity and results;
  • Explores how Canada’s innovation performance has changed over time, relative to international peers and on key indicators;
  • Identifies and discusses factors that drive, shape and constrain innovation opportunities, policies and business decision-making in Canada and the provinces;
  • Highlights how provinces and international peers are pursuing different paths to innovation success and the long-term opportunities and risks that different paths present; and
  • Provides recommendations for Canada and the provinces on how to improve their innovation performance and become top-performing jurisdictions.

About How Canada Performs

How Canada Performs, is a multi-year research program designed to help identify relative strengths and weaknesses in Canada’s socio-economic performance. It is an online flagship product that presents data and analysis on Canada’s national, provincial and territorial performance relative to that of 15 peer countries in six performance categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills, Health, and Society.

About Paul

Photo of Paul PrestonPaul Preston is responsible for leading the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Practice of the Conference Board of Canada. The practice engages senior leaders from across the country to explore and develop pathways that drive maximum value from investments in R&D and innovation, leading to greater commercialization, scale-up, growth, and competitiveness of Canadian organizations. The practice regularly benchmarks and assesses provincial, national, and international innovation ecosystem performance, providing recommendations and policy advice to industry and governments across the country.

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