Managing Mobility in an Aging Society: Addressing Transportation Needs of Canadian Seniors

The Conference Board of Canada, January 19, 2017
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As Canada’s population ages, a growing number of seniors are facing transportation challenges. Seniors’ access to affordable and appropriate transportation options is essential to supporting their health and quality of life. Across Canada, the primary mode of transportation for adults at most ages is driving. But while most seniors who drive are safe to do so, many stop due to deteriorating mental and/or physical capacity, and those looking for transportation alternatives find that they are often scarce, inaccessible, inconvenient, and for some, unaffordable.

How are seniors currently meeting their transportation needs and preferences? How do transportation strategies and behaviours change as Canadians age? To what extent and why are many seniors’ transportation needs going unmet? What are the implications of these needs, behaviours, gaps, and other issues for policies and strategies aimed at meeting seniors’ changing transportation needs?

Join Daniel Munro as he addresses these questions and discusses principles and options for improving transportation policy for Canadian seniors.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60 minute webinar, Daniel will:

  • Examine trends in population aging and changing health status, and discuss implications for transportation policy
  • Summarize what is known about current and future mobility patterns among older Canadians and how these differ by age, gender, living arrangements and other characteristics
  • Explore issues and challenges that affect the accessibility, affordability and appropriateness of a range of transportation options for seniors
  • Discuss the implications of these issues and challenges for individuals, organizations, and policy-makers, and identify key principles, considerations and options which could inform future transportation policy

About Daniel

Photo of Daniel MunroDr. Daniel Munro is Associate Director, Public Policy at The Conference Board of Canada, and Lecturer in Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. He has played key roles in the Conference Board’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policy group, Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education, Centre for Business Innovation, and Industry and Business Strategy division. Daniel also writes and speaks about ethics, decision-making, risk, and democracy for academic and public audiences. He holds degrees from Toronto (B.A.), Western (M.A.), and MIT (Ph.D.).

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