Improving Food Safety in Canada: Toward a More Risk-Responsive System

The Conference Board of Canada, 64 pages, February 8, 2012
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Find out where most food-borne illnesses come from and what potential solutions could improve Canada’s current food safety system.

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Given the importance of food safety and calls to improve Canada’s responsiveness to food safety risks, there is a need for an informed dialogue about how well the current system performs, what could be changed to enhance performance, and what options are appropriate for achieving change. This report provides a foundation for that dialogue. It examines and assesses the structure and performance of the current food safety system, provides an overview of issues and challenges to enhancing food safety in Canada, and identifies the drivers and constraints that influence industry investment in food safety and consumer behaviour. The report’s final chapter identifies potential solutions and key areas for action to improve food safety in Canada.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—The Need to Improve Canada’s Food Safety System

  • Purpose of the Report
  • Framing the Analysis
  • Methodology

Chapter 2—Understanding and Characterizing Food Safety Risks

  • Food Safety Risk Governance
  • What Are the Hazards?
  • Incidence
  • Hazards in the Farm-to-Fork Supply Chain
  • Other Factors Influencing Food Safety Risks
  • Risks and Risk Governance in Canada’s Food Safety System

Chapter 3—Food Safety Risk Governance: Government

  • Organizations and Functions
  • Contributions and Gaps
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4—Food Safety Risk Governance: Industry

  • Firm-Level Food Safety Drivers
  • Firm-Level Food Safety Constraints
  • On-Farm Food Safety
  • Food Services: A Troubling Exception
  • Rethinking Industry and Government Roles

Chapter 5—Food Safety Risk Governance: Consumers

  • Determinants of Consumers’ Food Safety Behaviour
  • Implications

Chapter 6—Potential Solutions

  • Risks in the Supply Chain: Worries About Food Services
  • Food Safety Risk Management
  • Potential Solutions
  • Conclusion

Appendix A—Calculating the Incidence and Impact of Food-Borne Illness

Appendix B—Bibliography

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