Innovation Catalysts and Accelerators: The Impact of Ontario Colleges’ Applied Research

The Conference Board of Canada, 116 pages, November 18, 2010
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This report examines how applied research services provided by Ontario colleges stimulate and accelerate the innovation activities of Ontario-based firms and makes recommendations on how to improve the contribution.

Document Highlights

  • Through applied research collaborations, Ontario colleges are emerging as innovation catalysts and accelerators, helping Ontario businesses overcome barriers to research and innovation.
  • Applied research collaborations between colleges and businesses stimulate new research and innovation activities that would otherwise not occur.
  • Ontario colleges’ applied research services increase business R&D spending and activity, reduce time to market, and help improve products, processes, and services.
  • These collaborations have the potential to improve innovation performance, education and training, and economic and social development—but only if ongoing challenges are addressed.
  • Strategies and resources are needed to better support and increase applied research collaborations between Ontario colleges and businesses.

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