Changing With the World: Canadian CIO Outlook 2019–20

The Conference Board of Canada, 19 pages, September 29, 2020
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The Conference Board of Canada’s annual Canadian CIO Outlook identifies past, current, and future strategic priorities for senior IT executives within Canada.

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Chief information officers are at the heart of organizational change. They must identify and understand the most pressing information technology issues and adapt their organizations accordingly. Relying on an annual survey of Canadian CIOs, the Canadian CIO Outlook describes and discusses current challenges and opportunities that senior IT executives face, and the skills, tools, and strategies they use to achieve success in priority areas. The survey and ensuing data briefing aim to let Canadian CIOs know how their peers manage IT and organizational priorities to help them make decisions with confidence.

This year’s briefing identifies the Canadian CIO Outlook 2019–20 survey’s four key findings: role friction, short and long trends, breaking barriers, and talent. The briefing also identifies the current and emerging trends, issues, and priorities facing Canadian CIOs. As well, it analyzes current trends against those of last year’s survey, and respondents’ expectations for future trends.

Table of Contents

  • Key findings
  • Introduction
  • Role friction
  • Trends: Short and long
  • Catch-22
  • Breaking barriers
  • Talent

Appendix A—Methodology

Appendix B—Demographics

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