The Future of Work: Digital Technologies and Canada’s Labour Market

The Conference Board of Canada, February 19, 2020
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Wave after wave of rapid technological change is happening in Canada.

Some workers are at high risk of having their jobs automated, and have few opportunities to transition to other occupations—especially without significant retraining. But there is still no consensus on the proportion of jobs that could be fully automated or transformed by technology. It’s critical that Canadian leaders understand how this will shift our labour market. So how do we know where to start?

This 60-minute complimentary webinar will feature Future Skills Centre research on automation and job futures, conducted by The Conference Board of Canada’s Innovation and Technology knowledge area. It will highlight the most vulnerable industries and job types—ones with high concentrations of high-risk, low-mobility (HRLM) employment.

Get an inside look, and go beyond reacting to technological changes after they happen. Use this webinar to guide your public or private organization’s resources on the people and skill transitions that need it the most.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar addresses the following questions:

  • What are Canada’s most vulnerable occupations? How do we determine them?
  • Which Canadian industries have the highest concentrations of high-risk, low-mobility jobs?
  • What trends and technologies are already impacting these industries and workers?
  • Where is our research going next?
  • About Darren

    Darren Gresch joined the Conference Board of Canada in January 2017 with the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy team. He has worked on several projects in a variety of topic areas, including innovative and value-based procurement, national security, and the role of the Canadian chief information officer. Darren is a graduate of the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (MA) and Queen's University (BA, Economics). Prior to joining the Conference Board, Darren spent time as an economist at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development; an investment officer at Global Affairs Canada; and a research assistant at the University of Ottawa.

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