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The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s largest private economic analysis and forecasting unit. Key services include medium- and long-term outlooks on the national, provincial/territorial, metropolitan, and industrial economies, as well as custom economic analysis and forecasting for our clients. We are here to help leaders cut through the noise and make informed decisions to build the Canada of tomorrow.

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Recent Reports

Canadian outlook long-term economic forecast: 2020

After a tough start to the year, the Canadian economy bounced back strongly in the second quarter. Although the headline growth number was impressive, the gain was driven entirely by the trade sector as final domestic demand was essentially zero— the fourth disappointing quarter over the past five quarters.


Assessing the economic footprint of the funds industry in Canada

The funds industry in Canada is critical to many Canadians who rely on financial advisors to provide them with investment and savings advice. Canadians are using these services at much higher rates than in the past as an aging population prompts greater need for retirement planning.


Canadian outlook summary: Winter 2020

The headline story about the economy over the past few months has been the likelihood of a recession in the coming year. Global growth slowed as the trade war between China and the U.S. escalated, and this has driven fears that Canada—a country that is highly dependent on trade—could be on the brink of recession.


World outlook economic forecast: Winter 2020


U.S. outlook economic forecast: Winter 2020  

The U.S. economy expanded in 2019, however weaker growth is anticipated in 2020. As investment spending and export growth continue to weigh on economic activity. The economy is growing at a pace close to its potential, while labour markets continue to add new jobs per month.


Canadian outlook economic forecast: Autumn 2019

After two-quarters of subpar growth, the Canadian economy posted a remarkable gain in the second quarter of 2019. While the headline number was noteworthy, the specific details in the report from Statistics Canada indicate that the performance was far less encouraging.


Upcoming Events

Moving forward in a labour constrained economy: Update with the Chief Economist

Our Chief Economist will focus on Canada’s most important challenge—generating growth in a labour constrained economy. Many developed economies are feeling the pinch of labour constraints and Canada is no exception. The challenges employers are facing finding workers will hold back economic growth and, for some firms, discourage investment.

Webinar—March 23, 2020

The Next Recession Conference

The current global economic landscape is dominated by uncertainty—Brexit, a trade war between the U.S. and China, and sovereign debt concerns in Greece and Italy are only the beginning. At the same time, budget deficits and low interest rates are limiting Canada’s responsiveness to future economic downturns.

June 17, 2020 | Toronto, ON

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Since 1977, we have surveyed senior Canadian business executives to put together the Index of Business Confidence. The Bank of Canada uses this quarterly index to help measure capacity and inflation pressures as it sets monetary and financial markets policy.

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