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Products and Services

The Conference Board of Canada offers several unique ways to deliver to, and share insights with, its members and customers. Every year, we host hundreds of conferences, meetings, and webinars and produce hundreds of research documents.


The Conference Board of Canada provides objective analyses of key economic, organizational performance, and public policy issues related to the professional development of Canadians and their organizations.

Economic Data

The Conference Board of Canada is recognized worldwide for its cutting-edge expertise in economic forecasting, modelling, and analysis.

Conferences and Events

Our conferences and events provide professionals with opportunities to share ideas, learn about next and best practices, and explore practical business solutions.


Conference Board webinars provide timely analysis and expert advice on the issues that matter most to you and your organization.

Executive Networks

Our executive networks provide insights that you can count on, identify best and next practices on the key issues facing you and your organization, and make it easy for you to broaden your contact base.

Leadership Development

  • The Niagara Institute, in partnership with The Conference Board of Canada, provides professionals with a variety of executive development opportunities.
  • The Directors College conducts programs that address both the structural and the behavioural skills required to be an effective board and committee member or chair.

Professional Development Institute

This premier education destination delivers first-class learning experiences for business and government professionals wanting to acquire new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

Custom Research

Our Custom Management Services use the Conference Board's research and expertise in organizational performance to help you to develop the strategies and solutions you need to implement change and improve performance in your organization.

Our Custom-Ordered Research gives you access to our team of more than 70 experienced researchers to get the insights you need. Research results can be disseminated as Conference Board research to a wide audience, or they can be provided exclusively to you for your own use.