Heads Above Water? Provincial Fiscal Outlook 2016-17

The Conference Board of Canada, October 27, 2016
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Most provincial governments are facing sluggish economic growth. At the same time, they are under pressure to control their expenditures in the face of big-ticket spending priorities such as the health system. As a result, the provincial fiscal positions range from solid surpluses to discouraging deficits.

In recent years, numerous provinces have introduced new budget measures to increase revenues, including higher income and sales taxes. How are these measures impacting both the balance sheets and the economic outlooks for each province?

As provinces approach their fall fiscal updates and prepare for their 2017-18 budgets, don't miss this opportunity to get a nation-wide update on the fiscal positions of the provinces individually and collectively.

In this webinar, the Conference Board will focus on the medium-term budgetary status of all 10 provinces, based on the latest economic and fiscal projections. This webinar is based on the Conference Board’s new Fiscal Snapshot publications, which provides an annual assessment of the fiscal and budgetary position for each province.

Webinar Highlights

You will get a comprehensive province-by-province analysis of the following factors:

  • Economic outlook for each province based on our Provincial Forecast model
  • Revenue and expenditure projections
  • Fiscal outlook through 2018-19
  • Provincial comparisons

About Daniel

Photo of Daniel FieldsDaniel Fields joined the National Economic Forecast team in 2013. His key responsibilities include monitoring the fiscal situation within the various levels of government and contributing to a wide variety of ongoing fiscal projects such as the Fiscal Snapshots Series. These reports look at the current condition of provincial economics and their government's fiscal challenges by providing a short- and medium term outlook in areas such as tax revenue and federal transfers as well as spending in key categories such as health care and education. Daniel received his M.A. in economics from Queen's University, and also holds a B.Math. in economics and statistics from Carleton University.

About Matthew

Photo of Matthew StewartMatthew Stewart is Associate Director, National Forecast at The Conference Board of Canada, specializing in the Canadian and world economy. Matthew is currently advising international clients on the economy and has been assisting the Ukrainian federal government and city level governments in developing strategic plans. In Canada, he has been responsible for designing and building a demand and supply model for physicians based on changing disease patterns. Matthew has a M.A. (Economics) from McMaster University and a B.A. (Honours Economics) from The University of Western Ontario.

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