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Agenda and Speakers

Healthy Canada Conference 2018: Personalized Health and Wellness Mar 27–28, 2018 Toronto

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

8:00 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair
Fraser <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Molecular You
8:45 AM Plenary Session 1
Keynote Address—Recognizing and Realizing the Promise of Personalized Health Care

Recent years have seen huge advances in personalized and precision medicine. As innovation accelerates and new treatments come on line so increasing attention needs to be paid to the intersection of data, biology, the environment, lifestyle, and technology to ensure that treatments are optimized and effective.

This opening keynote will examine recent developments, reflect on the future, and ask the question of how advances in precision medicine can support the transition to a health system that delivers person centred care-a conversation that will continue on the panel session that follows.

Cullis <br />  
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of British Columbia
9:30 AM Plenary Session 2
How Canada's Health Care System Must Adapt to Realize the Promise of Personalization

Following on from the opening keynote, this session will feature experts in various aspects of personalized health, the health system, and a patient advocate.

Few doubt that scientific advances in this field offer the potential for significant gains in health. But any intervention operates within a system, and the success of any new procedure, pharmaceutical or other innovation depends on a range of contextual factors.

Among the issues to be discussed will be:

  • How the way we think about the future determines what we anticipate
  • Separating hype from reality—what is the real potential of personalization
  • Advances in treatment of immune disorders
  • The pitfalls of specialization
  • Addressing concerns regarding privacy
  • Ensuring patients have a voice
  • Cost considerations
  • The role of and impact on employers

Witmer Gibson <br />  
Duong <br />  
Director, Evidence Generation
Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Ferenbok <br />  
Director, Translational Research Program in Health Science
University of Toronto
Horne <br />  
Principal, Horne & Associates, and
Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta School of Public Health
Hourigan <br />  
Sway Partners Inc., and Patient and Family Advocate
Koh <br />  
Director, Systems Innovations & MaRS Solutions Lab
MaRS Discovery District
10:45 AM Networking Break
11:00 AM Concurrent Sessions—Set A
(please select one session)
11:00 AM Concurrent Session A1
Choosing Antidepressant Therapies in a Climate of Precision Medicine

Precision medicine implies the selection of treatments that are targeted to individual patient characteristics. While there has undoubtedly been progress in identifying biological differences between groups of depressed and non-depressed people, there is a lack of precision in diagnosis and treatment selection. Individual differences based on genetics, brain activity, psychosocial experiences, stress response, as well as individual variation in drug metabolism, are important avenues of research that have not yet resulted in validated diagnostic tests to inform individual treatment selection.

Sponsored by:


Dunton <br />  
Senior Market Access Manager - Private Payers
Lundbeck Canada Inc.
Kennedy <br />  
Professor, Psychiatry
University of Toronto
11:00 AM Concurrent Session A2
Enabling Personalization and Precision by Placing Tools and Data in the Hands of Health Care Professionals and Patients

Because personalization and precision begin with diagnosis, it is critical that physicians have the tools that support more precise diagnosis of disease. And with the accelerating introduction of new pharmaceuticals and therapies and ever more choices, this poses a major challenge for physicians—both specialists and general practitioners.

In this session, you will hear from Dr. Joshua Landy whose Figure 1 app aims to provide front line physicians with access not just to multi-media information on patients, but access to other physicians so they can share insights and better tailor their prescriptions to the patient's specific needs. Indeed, it is now the largest active network of medical professionals in the world.

But as well as individual diagnosis, personalization necessitates better tracking of medical history and control over access. Carebook technologies will discuss how their technology empowers patients to take control of their health through access to and management of their health histories and do so in partnership with employers, insurance partners and health care professionals.

Joining the discussion will be Kate Robson from Sunnybrook Health Sciences and the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation. Kate will bring the essential patient perspective to this important conversation.

Valmont <br />  
Jacqueline Valmont & Associates
Lampron <br />  
Vice-President, Products
Carebook Technologies Inc
Landy <br />  
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
Figure 1, Inc.
Robson <br />  
Family Support Specialist and Patient Coordinator, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Executive Director, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation
11:45 AM Networking Luncheon
12:45 PM Plenary Session 3
Designing the Future Today: How Design Thinking Can Inform the Delivery of Personalized Care

Any discussion of personalized health care and wellness must consider the patient experience, perhaps the most personal aspect of health. And design thinking has this issue at its very heart.

As a long time design practitioner and educator and the author of the book Design for Care, Peter Jones is a great guide on how the principles of design thinking can inform health care as it relates to personalizing the treatment and the experience. In this session he will make the case for putting the human experience at the centre of personalized health and putting empathy at the centre of this process.

The multirole hospitals will have to become even more focused on acute and tertiary care. Huge opportunity exists for designing new service approaches to enable preventive and personal medicine, maintaining and monitoring with home sensor surveillance and telehealth. These systems can be coordinated to create more continuity of care and prevent hospital visits.

Jones <br />  
Managing Partner, The Redesign Network, and Associate Professor, Faculty of Design
OCAD University
1:30 PM Move to Concurrent Sessions
1:45 PM Concurrent Sessions—Set B
(please select one session)
1:45 PM Concurrent Session B1
Personalization and Privacy—How to Ensure Patient Privacy in a Personalized World

Personalization necessarily involves the increased collection and analysis of data and with that greater concerns about privacy.

This session will feature a discussion both of the overall issue as it relates to personalized and precision medicine as well as the specific experience of Sunnybrook Health Sciences and the initiatives they have undertaken to increase the security of electronic health records and the privacy of patients.

Curtis <br />  
Chief Privacy Officer
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
1:45 PM Concurrent Session B2
Personalization and Precision: Targeted Approaches to Empowering Patients in Managing their Own Health

"Personalized" and "Precision" medicine, together with advances in digital health offer a dizzying array of options to patients who understandably may become confused, at the same time as raising expectations for targeted cures and therapies. Patients are increasingly demanding unprecedented levels of personalization, immediacy, and decision-making power in their own health.

How then is it best for health care professionals, companies that provide health services and products, and others to participate in a new era of participatory medicine, gain the trust of patients and caregivers, and empower them to make optimal health care decisions?

This panel will discuss best practices in supporting patients and caregivers in health care decision-making using digital technology as well as effective programs that support medication adherence, as well as health care system and reimbursement, and giving them the right tools and services to support optimal health decision-making.

Cacciotti <br />  
A.T Kearney
Szego <br />  
Program Lead, CARE Initiative
Sinai Health System
Deshpande <br />  
Senior Vice-President, Specialty Health
McKesson Canada
Grant <br />  
Klick Health
2:30 PM Refreshment Break
2:45 PM Plenary Session 4
Personalizing Biologic Treatment in the Age of Biosimiliars

Biotechnology revolutionized drug development, and biologics have revolutionized treatment of many diseases, including diabetes, blood disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, and enzyme-based disorders.

However, because biologics are large, complex molecules, it is hard to predict how they may affect any specific individual. However, within a therapeutic class, there may be several biologics so patients have the opportunity to receive a personalized "best fit", balancing beneficial and adverse effects.

From a personalization perspective, improvements in biologic therapy have allowed for best fit to a patient's personal lifestyle, with biologics that last longer in the body, are easier to administer, and/or have more tolerable side effects.

This panel addresses the complex nature of biologics and the diseases they treat, data about use including monitoring, switching and interchangeability, patient knowledge and preferences about biologics and biosimilars, a proposed framework that balances cost with patient preferences, and a toolkit developed by patients and for patients to support clinical decision-making.

Sponsored by:

Wong-Rieger <br />  
Head, Consumer Advocare Networking, and
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
Blumer <br />  
Director, Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre
Lecturer, University of Toronto
Chari <br />  
Director, Government Relations
Canadian Breast Cancer Network
Ivovic <br />  
Regional Chair
Diabetes Canada
3:45 PM Plenary Session 5
Health Care as Data Science: How IT, Data, and Analytics are Disrupting Health and Supporting Personalization

As with almost all aspects of our work and lives, information technology, data, and analytics are having an enormous disruptive and transformative impact on established practices. Together they offer the promise of vastly improved and better targeted care, yet also present challenges in terms of deployment and integration with existing systems.

This session will discuss the opportunity of data for improving health care system functioning on various levels and purposes and improved patient outcomes. Participants will examine the promise to enable improved integration and transformation of the health care system and connect people and organizations to deliver effective and efficient care.

This session will discuss how digital technologies, data, and analytics can be used to improve integration and collaboration within the health care system, and approaches to achieving health system goals in a more digital world.

Duong <br />  
Director, Evidence Generation
Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Bak <br />  
Chief Information Officer
Humber River Hospital
Svec <br />  
Founder ExerciseMD and Click-Eat
Drohan <br />  
Partner, Omnia AI BC Leader
4:30 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Fraser <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Molecular You
4:45 PM Day One Adjourns

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair
Fraser <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Molecular You
8:45 AM Plenary Session 6
Canadian Innovation Panel: The Future of Personalized Health and Wellness as Seen By Those Bringing it to Reality

This lively panel will feature leading Canadian innovators in personalized health and wellness as they discuss their specific innovations as well as how they see the field developing.

They will share what they see as the advantages of the Canadian environment as well as some of the key challenges they face in developing new therapies and bringing them to market.

Edwards <br />  
Senior Director
BestLifeRewarded Innovations
Hamelin <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Genomics Institute
Nejat <br />  
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Robots for Society and Director of the Institute for Robotics & Mechatronics (IRM)
University of Toronto
Jenkins <br />  
Founder and Senior Patient Advocate
Healthcare Navigators Inc.
9:30 AM Plenary Session 7
Bugs 'R US: The Role of the Microbiome in Health and Disease

While genetics captures the headlines, we are much more than our DNA. And while everyone's DNA may be unique, so is the colony of microbes billions of which live in each of us.

Dr. Finlay is a global leader in the study for the microbiome and forging a better idea of how it functions and its contribution to health and wellness, and the illnesses it contributes to.

Studies are underway investigating the links between gut bacteria and conditions as varied as asthma, obesity, autism, depression, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. All these offer the possibility of highly targeted personalized treatment.

Finlay <br />  
Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories, The University of British Columbia and
Co-Author, Let Them Eat Dirt
10:15 AM Refreshment Break
10:30 AM Plenary Session 8
"Predictive, On-demand, Accessible, Holistic and Spanning Across Health Care Settings to Provide a Seamless and Amazing Client Experience". Realizing A Vision for Integrating Technologies for Personalized Care

This session will present the experience of an initiative at St. Elizabeth Health Care that illustrates the personalization of health and wellness in a home care context, a context that is becoming ever more important as the population ages and chronic disease increases.

Labelled "IntelligentCare", it delivers greater patient engagement and meaningful interactions with an empowered practice team. The platform allows patients to transition from hospital to home much earlier and empowers them to take an active role in managing their care. With IntelligentCare options for virtual care, patients get peace of mind while they're recovering at home.

Ackerman <br />  
Vice-President, Innovation
Saint Elizabeth Health Care
Lefebre <br />  
Chief Clinical Executive and Senior Vice-President, Knowledge and Practice
Saint Elizabeth Health Care
11:15 AM Plenary Session 9
What Next for Personalized Health and Precision Medicine: Optimizing for Best Patient Outcomes and Experiences

It is clear that the more something is cutting-edge, the greater the value of the patient voice in design and implementation from a "best-use" and optimization for best outcomes and experiences perspective. Being the end-user, patients' lived experiences, desires, and what outcomes mean the most to them, can contribute to better products and ensure appropriate use, greater adherence, and value.

The event will conclude with a panel of experts addressing the simple but maybe not straightforward question "What next for personalized health and wellness?" Our experts will discuss what initiatives they expect to become reality in the next five years, speculate on longer term developments and what personalization in products and services, and precision medicine of the future might look like, and the challenges and opportunities to realize the full potential of innovation in the health and health care systemfor optimal outcomes and experiences.

Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
Idea Exchange
Sawchuk <br />  
Lead, Innovation Practices
Deloitte Inc.
Ashcraft <br />  
Chief Executive Officer and Molecular Biologist
McKenzie <br />  
Senior Vice-President, Business Development
Machado <br />  
Head and Founder
Canadian CML Network
12:00 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Fraser <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Molecular You
12:15 PM Conference Adjourns


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