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About How Canada Performs

How Canada Performs is a multi-year research program to help leaders identify relative strengths and weaknesses in the socio-economic performance of Canada and its provinces and territories. This website is the flagship product. It helps policy-makers, organization leaders, and all Canadians answer the following questions: How do the quality-of-life report cards for Canada and its provinces and territories compare to those of peer countries? Is Canada’s quality of life sustainable? Has there been an improvement? What must Canada and the provinces and territories do to provide a high and sustainable quality of life for all Canadians?

This website presents data and analysis on Canada’s national, provincial and territorial performance relative to that of 15 peer countries in six performance categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills, Health, and Society.

About The Conference Board of Canada

Learn more about how the Conference Board builds Canada’s leadership capacity by providing insights into economic trends, public policy, and organizational performance.

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