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Meet Our Team

Michael Bassett
Michael Bassett
Associate Director, Governance, Compliance and Risk

Michael Bassett is the Associate Director, Governance, Compliance and Risk at The Conference Board of Canada where he leads the Conference Board's research and major events in these areas.

In addition to this role, Michael is the Director of the Centre for Family Enterprises in Canada, a major multi-year initiative to raise awareness of the role and contributions of family-owned businesses to Canada's economy and society; conduct research on issues of importance to the governance, strategic planning, and operations of these enterprises; and identify how governments' industrial policies, regulation, and taxation could strengthen both the family-business ecosystem and its economic and social benefits for Canada. He is overseeing the Centre's program of research and dialogue including a major quantitative study on the economic contributions of family-owned enterprises in Canada and a study investigating major issues faced by family enterprises in Canada to be published in 2018. Michael received his Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation in May 2018.

Michael has contributed to numerous custom and public research projects in the areas of governance, ethics, risk management and Crown corporations. He has chaired the Conference Board's National ERM Conference (2017) and the National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit (2018).

Prior to joining the Conference Board, Michael worked at the Ottawa-based Institute on Governance. He has also worked in the non-profit sector and for the provincial government of British Columbia. Michael was a member of the Board of Directors of the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada from 2013 to 2015.

Susan Côté-Freeman
Susan Côté-Freeman
Senior Research Associate

Susan Côté-Freeman joined the Conference Board of Canada in 2016 after almost two decades with the international Secretariat of Transparency International.

At the Conference Board of Canada, Susan manages an executive network of some 60 Canadian risk professionals and carries out research in the governance, compliance and risk areas.

Throughout her career with Transparency International, Susan worked for the organization in London, Washington D.C. and Berlin. As Head of Transparency International’s Business Integrity Programme, Susan led projects aimed at raising standards of corporate anti-corruption practice. She represented Transparency International on global anti-corruption initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Partnering against Corruption Initiative of the World Economic Forum and the B20.

Susan is currently a member of the Board of Transparency International Canada and is the President of the board of directors of IMPACT, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the problem of conflict minerals.

Amanda Daoust
Amanda Daoust
Network and Research Officer, Governance, Compliance and Risk

Amanda Daoust is the marketing coordinator for the Governance, Compliance and Risk operating unit at the Conference Board of Canada. Her primary focus is to support recruitment and customer relationship activities for the Corporate Ethics Management Council and the Strategic Risk Council—where she also shares the role of on-site coordinator and research assistant.

In addition to supporting the networks, Amanda leads the GCR Twitter and social media presence. She also leads the Governance Webinar series which focuses on key issues facing boards of directors and features global industry thought-leaders.

Ms. Daoust is a recent graduate of the Business Marketing Program at Algonquin College and is a former dual-event competitor in the Ontario College’s Marketing Competition.

Deborah Pratt
Deborah Pratt
Administrative and Meetings Coordinator

Deborah is an Administrative and Meeting Coordinator for the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC). She has over fifteen years of events coordination experience which includes planning and coordinating the execution of logistics related to Strategic Risk Council and the Council for Excellence in Canadian Crown Corporation within the Governance, Compliance and RiskDivision. Duties have included establishing and monitoring of budgets, reviewing administrative procedures for event details and reviewing event progress.  In this, she also has experience in organizing registration of participants, communicating with speakers, preparing programs and planning entertainment and social gatherings.

Prior to working at the CBoC, Deborah held various positions within Federal Government working for the Department of National Defence and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as an Administrative Assistant.

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